Day: July 16, 2022

Bussines Service

Pool cleaning industry facing worker shortage, chlorine

Worker shortages and high chlorine prices are resulting in people leaving the pool service industry altogether, causing more pressure on those who stay in business.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Temperatures are heating up in Northern California and with a few more months of summer, the hot temperatures are bound to stick around a while longer.

Amid high demand for services, especially in the summer months, the pool service industry is also facing worker shortages and high chlorine prices.

David Hawes is the President and CEO of H&H Pool Services in Dublin, but he lives in Folsom and was a former president and former CFO of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association.

I’ve been in business now over 50 years and 2020 was our biggest year in business ever,” said Hawes. “And 2021, we beat 2020 by about 18%. Now that’s just a huge growth, all the

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Convex Finance [CVX]: With 14 unlocks left to go, investors

Convex Finance [CVX]: With 14 unlocks left to go, investors

Convex Finance, a DeFi protocol built on Curve Finance, on 30 June, commenced unlocking its CVX tokens. This resulted from limited liquidity to allow for swapping CVX tokens to Ethereum (ETH).

According to data from Dune Analytics, following the 30 June unlocking, the next unlock for the vote-locked CVX tokens was scheduled for 7 July. These form parts of the 16 unlock for vote-locked CVX tokens, which will see the unlocking of 52.2 million CVX.

However, while investors continue to entertain fear of a possible price decline for CVX, the token seems to have taken the opposite direction. 

Investors thought wrong

According to data from CoinMarketCap, in the past seven days, the token ranked highest as the cryptocurrency with the most gains in price. The price of CVX has rallied 37.48% in the last week. At press time, the crypto exchanged hands at $5.71. The token’s

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Business News

Impairment charge weighs on PepsiCo earnings

PURCHASE, NY. — A pre-tax impairment charge related to the war in Ukraine dragged down second-quarter earnings at PepsiCo, Inc. but didn’t dampen the spirits of company executives who said business momentum continues.

“Our results are indicative of our highly dedicated employees, the strength and resilience of our categories, agile supply chain and go-to-market systems and strong marketplace execution,” said Ramon Laguarta, chairman and chief executive officer. “Our performance also gives us confidence that our investments to become an even Faster, even Stronger, and even Better organization by winning with pep+ are working. Given our year-to-date performance, we now expect our full-year organic revenue to increase 10% (previously 8%) and we continue to expect core constant currency earnings per share to increase 8%.”

Net income in the second quarter ended June 11 totaled $1.43 billion, equal to $1.03 per share on the common stock, down 39% from $2.36 billion, or

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Business Plans

Investing 101: A beginner’s guide to growing your money

‘Investing’ means taking an existing asset, usually money, and using it to earn financial returns. Here’s what to know about making ‘good’ investments, managing risk and losing money.Illustration by Melanie Lambrick

The world of investing can be baffling for beginners of any age. An understanding of a few simple terms and concepts can make it possible for anyone to become an investor.

The basics

What is investing?

The word “invest” can have broad connotations, as dictionary definitions make clear: You might be invested in your children’s lives, perhaps you recently invested in a new car, new business, home renovation, or you consider your education an investment in your future.

How to start investing 101: A beginner’s guide

But from the point of view of investing. This is different from saving, which is simply putting money aside. The difference is often that investing carries a calculated amount of risk –

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Florida Power & Light Drops Winter Power Proposal

Florida Power & Light backed away from a controversial proposal that would have used a severe winter storm in 1989 as a basis for future power-plant projects.

FPL filed a notice at the state Public Service Commission that said it was withdrawing the proposal from a normally routine process of utilities updating what are known as “10-year site plans” for projects.

Under the proposal, the 1989 storm would have been factored into plans for expanding the capacity of power plants and making other changes to handle “peak” electricity demand during the winter. But the proposal drew opposition from the state Office of Public Counsel, which represents consumers in utility issues, and other groups as it could have helped lead to potentially costly projects.

FPL said it developed the proposal after studying massive outages caused by cold weather in February 2021 in Texas. In a statement Monday about withdrawing the proposal,

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