Day: July 21, 2022

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2022 so far: advice from business leaders for growth,

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Business success is in the eye of the leader. Industry, location, customer needs, and personal values shape what success means for everyone. While the journeys are numerous and diverse, the knowledge gained during times of difficulty and triumph can be valuable to anyone running a business.

In this article, we spotlight what we’ve learned so far in the first half of 2022 from entrepreneurs and executives whose mission is to create value for their businesses, customers, and communities while prioritizing mental health.


“Fundamentally, Bird Bird is built on this question: ‘How can we use our time on earth wisely to become the best we can be?’ This question provides deep purpose and meaning behind things that could seem trivial or small. It makes every day a learning experience in the most meaningful of ways. This gives rise to an atmosphere of

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Business News

Standout startups at IFT FIRST

CHICAGO — Dozens of entrepreneurs participated in Startup Pavilion, a dedicated exhibit at IFT FIRST, the Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting, held July 10-13 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Emerging companies showcased solutions ranging from sugar reduction to sustainable agriculture.

The winner of a pitch contest was Equinom, an Israeli seed developer with US headquarters in Indianapolis. The company recently achieved a record 75% protein in an exploratory minimally processed pea protein ingredient by breeding new varieties of yellow peas using its technology platform. The technology identifies favorable traits for food applications in the genetic structure of seeds and predicts the best crossbreeding matches to yield better varieties without the use of genetic engineering.

“By building nutrition and taste right into the seeds, we enable less processing, tastier and more nutritious, accessible and affordable plant-based food,” said Galit Feinreich, chief marketing officer, during the pitch event.

Several startups presented

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Business Plans

Leading web hosting solutions provider, Upperlink Website

Upperlink is an all-in-one solution provider that helps businesses grow through adoption of requisite technologies. They help businesses build their website, bespoke applications and extend an array of their products with a focus to strengthen their online presence for success and profictability.

Upperlink Website Hosting, a leading domain registrar and cloud computing solutions provider, invites business owners to use its platform to strengthen their online presence. The company is an ICANN-accredited registrar that operates across various countries.

Upperlink allows businesses to create winning websites with the help of its full-service innovative tools. “We offer everything you need to create an effective, reliable and long-lasting online presence.” The company also offers top notch yet affordable cloud hosting plans for businesses with an established website. Upperlink prioritizes website performance by providing hosting services that keep client websites fast, secure, and operational at all times. 

According to the Upperlink team, an optimized website

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SEC proposes to narrow three substantive exclusions in the

[This post revises and updates my earlier post on this topic primarily to reflect the contents of the proposing release.]   

At an open meeting last week, the SEC voted, three to two, to propose new amendments to Rule 14a-8, the shareholder proposal rule. Under Rule 14a-8, a  shareholder proposal must be included in a company’s proxy materials “unless the proposal fails to satisfy any of several specified substantive requirements or the proposal or shareholder-proponent does not satisfy certain eligibility or procedural requirements.” The SEC last amended Rule 14a-8 in 2020 to, among other things, raise the eligibility criteria and resubmission thresholds.  The SEC is now proposing to amend three of the substantive exclusions on which companies rely to omit shareholder proposals from their proxy materials: Rule 14a-8(i)(10), the “substantial implementation” exclusion, would be amended to specify that a proposal may be excluded as substantially implemented if “the company has already

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