Day: September 18, 2022


Should I Buy A New Or Used Car? Pros, Cons (& getting a

“Should I buy a new car?”

If you asked almost every personal finance pundit that question, they’ll give you a bunch of reasons why you should buy used instead.

Our founder, personal finance expert Ramit Sethi, disagrees.

Should you buy a new car or used car cover photo

Used cars can be a good way to go. But to apply a broad rule that “used is the best” is short-sighted. In fact, Ramit thinks there are many more reasons why people should buy a new car than used.

Should I buy a new car or used car in the long run? 

It will depend on the type of car you buy, and the condition you buy it in. That said, if you’re going to buy a decent make that’s in really good shape, you might land yourself a bargain. 

However, here’s the rub. Do you know enough about cars to know whether you’re buying a hole in your pocket? Even if

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Bussines Service

Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing Get Slammed for Greenwashing

  • Boohoo is one of several fast fashion brands under investigation for sustainability practices.
  • Critics claim recent efforts, like debuting more environmentally friendly collections, are acts of greenwashing. 
  • ‘The most sustainable thing they can do is just cease operations altogether,’ one critic said.

Fast-fashion brands are attempting to appeal to an increasingly eco-friendly audience, but critics aren’t so sure their methods have the purest intentions.

UK-based fashion brand Pretty Little Thing and its parent company Boohoo are among the latest retailers facing scrutiny on claims they are misleading consumers that they are environmentally friendly, despite their reputations and investigations that say otherwise. 

Boohoo was the latest to draw ire, after the fast-fashion giant announced a “sustainability and style” collaboration with Kourtney Kardashian Barker earlier this month. The 46-piece collection of garments is made from “recycled fibers,” according to a release from Boohoo.

The partnership was met with

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Business Tips

Business coaching voor hoogbegaafden. Waarom is het anders?

Business coaching voor hoogbegaafden, waarom zou dat anders moeten zijn? Hoogbegaafde ondernemers, freelancers, zzp-ers of zelfstandigen zijn net even anders. Standaard ondernemerstips passen vaak minder goed. Focussen vinden ze lastig (en hoeft bij hen trouwens niet!). Maar hoe bouw je als hoogbegaafde een gezond bedrijf? Hoe wordt je succesvol, met jouw eigen-aardigheden? En welke business coaching past daarbij? Dat lees je in dit artikel.

Intelligent, eigenwijs, sensitief

In mijn werk als business coach tref ik regelmatig bijzondere mensen: intelligent, bijdehand en anders. Ze pikken nieuwe ideeën snel op, en denken vlotter, maar ook dieper en breder. Ze zijn soms al twintig stappen verder dan collega’s of klanten, in de helft van de tijd.

Ze zijn sneller, praten soms ook snel of denken juist razendsnel terwijl ze niks zeggen.

Ook hebben ze enorme leerhonger. Ze verslinden boeken, hebben meerdere trainingen en opleidingen succesvol afgerond en leren

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Business Plans

Is a Line of Credit Right for Your Business Recession Plan?

More than 90 percent of small-business owners are worried about experiencing an economic recession over the next 12 months, according to a June 2022 Goldman Sachs survey.

Because lenders tend to tighten their lending standards during recessions, small-business owners may be looking for ways to secure funds before access to credit is possibly reduced.

One option to consider is to apply for a business line of credit—even if you don’t need it right now. Unlike a business loan, a line of credit lets you decide when to withdraw funds and how much to take out, up to a set limit.

Would Your Business Benefit From a Line of Credit?

Since it’s common for access to financing to decrease during a recession, getting a line of credit before you need it can be a smart move, especially if you see the potential for cash flow issues in the future.

For example,

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‘Great Day to Not Be in Jackson’ Amid Water Crisis

  • More than 150,000 people in Jackson — Mississippi’s largest city and capital — went without clean running water for weeks.
  • Speaking in Hattiesburg on Friday, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said it was “a great day to not be in Jackson.”
  • Jackson lifted its boil-water notice, which had been in place since July, on Thursday.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves called it “a great day to not be in Jackson” on Friday, referring to the state’s capital, which has been deprived of clean running water for weeks.

Reeves made the remarks while attending a groundbreaking ceremony in Hattiesburg, roughly 90 miles southeast of Jackson, according to local reports. 

“It is a great day to be in Hattiesburg. It’s also, as always, a great day to not be in Jackson,” he said, according to local television station 16 WAPT News. “I feel like I should take off my emergency

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