7 Ways to Advertise Your Blogs

Many people get into blogging to earn extra cash or promote their business through the same blog.

7 Ways to Advertise Your Blogs

However, it is not as easy as it seems to start earning or getting traffic from blogging. This is because there are a lot of blogging websites under the same niche competing.

The only option to find more traffic or people to view your content is through advertisement.

Of course, if you can choose to optimise your blog articles that are not necessarily a form of advertisement but rather a form of getting more organic traffic.

If the concept of search engine optimization is new to you there’s no need to worry because online there are so many SEO experts that can help you with that.

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In this article, however, I shall try to help you find the best way to advertise your blog.

1.   Pay advertisement

To make money you need to spend money. One of the things I don’t like about some of this blog promotion content is how they promise tons of traffic for free.

When it is possible to advertise your blog without spending money but it will take more if water is still bringing in the less.

The reason why many people opt for paid advertising is that it is the fastest way and the most guaranteed one to find better results.

2.   Build an email subscriber list.

The next step to taking your blog writing a notch higher is to build an email subscriber list.

Email marketing falls under the huge umbrella of digital marketing and if used properly, it can do wonders for your blogs.

However, it doesn’t come easy. Using email marketing as your advertisement strategy will involve a lot of work.

Gaining people’s trust to sign up for emails is challenging and that is why you have to come up with exemplary blog content.

Content that will make a person want to come back for more or get updates when similar content is posted.

You may see some bloggers deploy statistics or interesting questionnaires, those are just but a few ways to build a subscriber list.

Issuing newsletters through emails once in a while also keeps your readers engaged and not forget about your blog.

3.   Building relevant backlinks

Another simpler way of promoting your blog content is by building relevant backlinks.

The first step is to learn how to earn a backlink. People link to blog content that is of high quality. Creating good consistent content that is directed to your target readers will help you get backlinks from people under the same niches as your blog.

You may also consider using backlink builder tools or get a professional to help you with the technical aspects of building backlinks. Writing testimonials for another website also generate backlinks.

4.   Guest blogging

I don’t know how many people have considered guest blogging as a way of advertising their blocks.

What I am sure of is, about 60% of bloggers write 1-5 guest blogs per month. This is to tell you how effective guest blogging is to promote both the guest blogger content and the hosting websites’.

Writing content for another blog will help build authoritativeness for your blog as well because you will be able to attract people to your website.

5.   Blog Commenting

Letting people comment on your blog is another way to promote your blogs.

The main benefit of blog commenting is that it helps improve visibility as well as establish credibility which will, that in turn, increase the traffic that views and reads your blog.

6.   Social media sharing

It costs nothing to share your content on social media and driving traffic that may want to learn more or read your blog.

Social media sharing is free unless you have to pay for advertisement. You can establish better strategies by sharing your content in large groups to increase the chances of getting a click-through.

7.   Consider reaching out to influencers

Influences can also be the key to growing a blog website.

With many people being impacted or swayed by people they hold highly on social media sites, you can use this to make your content visible through them.

The cost of influencer outreach may vary depending on the influencers’ audience.