A Business Proposal Actress Shows Another Side of Her in

Kim Sejeong’s playful personality will be seen again as she plays the role of On Ma Eum in her new K-drama, Today’s Webtoon.

The SBS series, titled Today’s Webtoon, is the upcoming remake of the 2016 Japanese hit drama, Sleepeeer Hit! It explores to story of Goo Joon Young and On Ma Eum (played by Nam Yoon Su and Kim Sejeong, respectively).

On Ma Eum is a former judo athlete employed in a webtoon editorial department after suffering a torn ankle ligament following a tragic accident. But she faces struggles while trying to become a true webtoon editor.

The upcoming series also highlights the competitive nature when it comes to job postings in South Korea.

Ahead of the highly anticipated release, Kim Sejeong shone brighter again as she posed in the new stills.

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Kim Sejeong Remains Positive To Reach Her Dreams in Today’s Webtoon

A few weeks before Today’s Webtoon episode 1 arrives, the drama released new stills (via Naver) featuring Kim Sejeong.

The idol-turned-actress shows positive energy as she plays the role of On Ma Eum. She flaunts her signature smile wherever she is to spread positivity to other people.

The new photos also hint that her character always has a cheerful and optimistic personality.

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Previously, the production team already said that the A Business Proposal actress made the drama’s set full of happiness and energy.

Kim Sejeong also presented the same energy on the previous stills, going to work as an office worker. She flaunts different outfits that highlight her bright side. She also smiles at all times, proving that her character has an inspiring spirit that can motivate the viewers.

Kim Sejeong Earns Positive Comments From Production Team

As the idol shared her acting skills again, Today’s Webtoon’s production team complimented her for having passionate energy and a bright image.

“Kim Sejeong is also a mood maker on the set with her proactive attitude and the way she never loses her smile. We will greet you with well-produced work so that this kind of energy that will give you strength in your hard and tiring lives can reach you,” the team went on.

Today’s Webtoon will release the first episode on July 29, 10:00 p.m. KST.

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