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How to Lower Your Summer Electric Bill

As parts of the country bake in triple-digit temperatures, Americans are turning on their air-conditioners — and running up their electric bills.

Bills that would normally rise at this time of year are surging because the cost of producing electricity has been rising rapidly. Almost 90 percent of homes in the United States use some form of air-conditioning for cooling, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The administration’s latest forecast shows average residential electricity prices rising 4.7 percent this summer compared with last summer.

Here are tips for managing your cooling bill.

Seasonal tuneups can help keep central air-conditioning systems running smoothly. Technicians typically check refrigerant levels and clean cooling coils. “It makes the air-conditioner run better, and keeps the cost down,” said Adam Cooper, senior director of customer solutions with the Edison Electric Institute, a group that represents investor-owned electric companies.

If you’ve delayed maintenance, you may have

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Chipotle investing in ‘fundamentals’ | Food Business News

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. — Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. is investing in “being brilliant at the basics” after the fast-casual chain experienced a slowdown in sales during the latter half of the recent quarter, said Brian R. Niccol, chairman and chief executive officer. A newly launched operations initiative focuses on retraining employees on the fundamentals of the business.

“These fundamentals include having great culinary prepared and ready to serve, open to close in a food-safe environment, ensuring that restaurants are staffed and appropriately deployed across both the digital make-line and front make-line; improving order accuracy and timing for the digital business; and increasing throughput in hospitality for the in-store business,” Mr. Niccol outlined during a July 26 earnings call.

Net income for the second quarter ended June 30 was $259.9 million, equal to $9.32 per share on the common stock and up 12% from net income of $188 million, or $6.68

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14 Tips To Avoid Harmful Influencer Marketing Techniques For

A company’s brand is vital to its success. One way many companies attempt to protect and enhance their brand is by using marketing techniques that will keep the average consumer returning. This could include acquiring an influencer who acts as the face of the company by acting in infomercials, being in ads and using their social platforms to discuss the company’s brand. While this may seem like a good idea to go get an influencer for the brand, companies sometimes struggle with the influencer and their services. Everything from differences in how to present your brand to discrepancies in compensation can be a potential danger to a company.

There are ways to avoid these problems with influencers who are helping. Even if the damage is already done, there are maneuvers that can recover the company’s brand. Brand marketing is important to a business, but it does not have to exceed

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Oversight Republicans following Hunter Biden’s ‘money trail’

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House Republicans are demanding answers from President Biden’s son Hunter’s financial adviser Edward Prewitt regarding his business deals, which have been flagged as suspicious by banks.

Biden has been under federal investigation for his tax affairs predicated by suspicious foreign transactions since 2018, and President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied discussing Hunter’s business ventures with him.

The president’s son’s questionable business dealings, conducted by himself, his associates, and other Biden family members, have been flagged and reported by U.S. banks.

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., sent a letter to Hunter Biden’s financial adviser Edward Prewitt Wednesday demanding information about the Biden family’s foreign business deals.


NBC News reported this week on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop as the president’s son remains under a federal

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Bunge raises EPS outlook through 2026

ST. LOUIS — Building on its increased mid-cycle earnings baseline of $8.50 per share, approximately $3.3 billion of projected future investments in growth capital expenditures and M&A, and an allocation of approximately $1.25 billion for share repurchases, Bunge introduced an earnings framework of approximately $11 per share by the end of 2026 in its discussion of second-quarter results on July 27.

“The incremental earnings from capital that we’re deploying should enable us to perform at a higher level in a mid-cycle environment,”  Gregory A. Heckman, chief executive officer, said during a July 27 conference call with analysts. “As a result, we’re providing a four-year earnings growth framework of approximately $11 per share by the end of 2026. This growth framework includes the increased earnings baseline of $8.50, plus the future benefits of investments in the business and share repurchases.”  

Based on the strength of second-quarter results and the current market

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Best Stocks To Buy Today? 4 That Reported Earnings

Should Investors Be Watching These Stocks That Reported Earnings This Week?

When it comes to investing in stocks, there is no surefire way to guarantee success in the stock market. However, there are certain factors that can help increase the chances of finding successful investments. For example, investors will often look for companies with strong financials, a history of healthy growth, and a robust competitive advantage.

Additionally, it can be helpful to pay attention to market trends and sector-specific news when making investment decisions. By taking all of these factors into account, investors can improve their chances of finding the best stocks to buy today.

What Are Earnings?

An earnings report is a company’s financial statement that shows its profits and losses over a certain period of time. Companies release their earnings reports once a quarter, and they include important information such as revenue, expenses, and net income. This information

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