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Eight marketing tips to recession-proof your small business

Rachel Klaver is a marketing strategist, specialising in lead generation and content marketing.

OPINION: While there are a few outlier businesses who are thriving at the moment, many of the business owners I’m speaking to have definitely seen a cool down in leads and sales.

I’m not an economist, but I love to read and explore, and I’m also a mega planner. So with markets all over the world saying a recession is coming, and my desire to make sure both we and my clients (and you) are prepared, I thought this was a great opportunity to talk about how we need to market during a recession.

If you only take away two things from this column, it would be the following two points. First, a recession doesn’t always mean disaster is coming. Many businesses can thrive during a recession. It’s about narrowing your focus, your message and really getting

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Productivity hacks from a mom who founded a $1 million

Julie Berninger has always had a side hustle. Even as she worked in tech by day, the now Massachusetts-based 33-year-old kept a blog, was producing a podcast and started an Etsy shop where she sold printable items like bachelorette party scavenger hunts.

“I always was doing a million different things and even before the side hustles I was getting my master’s online while working,” she says.

In 2019, Berninger founded Gold City Ventures with her partner, Cody Berman, a business of online courses focused on side gigs. Their most popular is a course about starting an Etsy store for printable items like the one she herself has. In 2021, Gold City Ventures brought in $1 million in revenue. She quit her job at Amazon in July 2021 to focus full time on the business.  

Berninger knows part of her success came from getting hired for jobs that paid well enough

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Expand the Reach of Your Law Firm’s Social Media 8 Tips

People often ask me how they can become stronger social media marketers both for themselves and their companies.

I always say that it’s not hard to do IF you are committed, consistent and resourceful.

Anyone can be successful on social media if they utilize their content marketing and visual assets more strategically.

It also involves a significant time commitment to stay top of mind with clients, prospects and other key influencers to strengthen your brand and to generate real business. This doesn’t mean you need to post every day but it doesn’t mean that you need to be consistent.

The algorithms on all social media platforms rewards those who post regularly, and posting consistently enables you to build a strong personal brand. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t be spending a lot of time creating content.

You’ll also set up processes that will

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AZ Big Media Managing summer interns: 11 tips from small

What are your top tips for managing summer interns at a small business?

To help you best manage summer interns at your small business, we asked business wonders and people managers this question for their best pieces of advice. From letting them lead to clarifying intent, there are several tips that may help you best manage and utilize summer interns. 

Here are 11 tips for managing summer interns:

  • Let Them Lead
  • Give Them Meaningful Work to Do
  • Find that Balance of Fun and Real Work
  • Offer Flexible Hours
  • Set Clear Workload Expectations 
  • Assign a Mentor
  • Spend 15% of Your Time with Them
  • Break Down Tasks
  • Ask Your Interns What Their Goals are
  • Have Regular Check-ins
  • Clarify Intern Intent



Let Them Lead

As a business leader, your primary focus is on executing the vision and driving results. You are always looking for opportunities to delegate so you can focus on the

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High 10 Enterprise Ideas Every Startup Founder Wants To Know

We may charge for fee-based Providers in advance and on a every day, monthly, yearly, lump sum, or different foundation in accordance with the acknowledged phrases, so long as your subscription remains lively, even you probably have not downloaded or used the Service or accessed your online account. Georgia McIntyre is the director of content material advertising at Fundera.

four. Create a business and advertising plan. Too many businesses view social media as a platform to make steady gross sales pitches instead of utilizing it for what it’s: a chance to present value and be taught from potential prospects. It’s possible you’ll not obtain notices for those who violate the Phrases by accessing the Services in an unauthorized manner, and you may be deemed to have obtained any and all notices that might have been delivered had you accessed the Companies in a certified method.

At present, small companies do …

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Fourth of July at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Hundreds of vacationers flocked to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront this Independence Day weekend, staying late into Monday night.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — This Independence Day weekend celebration brought in a rush the Virginia Beach Oceanfront hasn’t frequently seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

“We have multiple lots, multiple sizes and every one of them is full before noon,” said Steven Salles, a parking lot attendant at 23rd Street.

He said people came to Virginia Beach from across the Commonwealth and from other states to enjoy the holiday weekend. He said he loves seeing the rush of the crowds.

“The economy here in VB is booming. I haven’t seen it this busy in years,” said Salles. “I think the Oceanfront business is epic. I think if you talk to the proprietors, I think everyone’s going to have a banner holiday weekend.”

All that foot traffic is walking right into nearby

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