Fan Hilariously Offers To Be Diljit Dosanjhs Roti Maker,

From being asked for a selfie or an autograph to requests for a hug, celebrities often receive a host of demands from their fans besides the love that they are showered with. But, recently, Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh received a “business proposal” from one of his admirers.

Diljit has shared a video of a female fan on his Instagram page where she makes a hilarious appeal to the singer. The clip opens with the woman, Nuv Preet Kaur, asking Diljit to listen to her carefully for two minutes. She says, “Diljit, as you are busy with the tour and performing bhangra it is obvious that you will feel hungry and want some rotis.” And, here come the best part. “So, hire me in the team. You need a roti maker, obviously,” Ms Kaur adds.

Mr Kaur, in a bid to woo Diljit, assures him that she can make rotis real quick and will even feed them to the singer. The woman further jokes that she doesn’t have any work and is recording the clip at 1 am.

“So, like I am just saying it’s a good business proposition. You know,” adds Ms Kaur, who as per her Instagram bio is a public figure.

Making sure that the prospects of her getting selected as a “roti maker” are high, Ms Kaur highlights that she is also “very pretty”.

It seems like Nuv Preet Kaur’s efforts paid off as the video reached Diljit Dosanjh, who then posted it on Instagram. “Gal paunch gai teri mere kol.. Sochda mai edey baare (Your proposition has reached me. I will think about it.),” the singer-turned-actor wrote in the caption.

“Meanwhile, I like your – dagadh dagadh dhain,” Diljit added.

Diljit Dosanjh is currently touring for his concert Born To Shine. And, Nuv Preet Kaur didn’t miss the chance to attend the show, which took place in Los Angeles, US. She has shared pictures from the concert and wrote, “I went to see a concert for the first time and my bae Diljit Dosanjh did not disappoint. I had to secretly eat my granola bar in the bathroom though…Because security didn’t allow food bruh…Like how I am supposed to do bhangra if I have no food in me. 100/10 experience.”