Kim Sejeong Thanks “A Business Proposal” Co-Star Seol In Ah

SBS’s “A Business Proposal” may be over, but the friendship between Kim Sejeong and Seol In Ah is still going strong!

On June 14, Kim Sejeong revealed on Instagram that her “A Business Proposal” co-star Seol In Ah had made a sweet show of support by sending a coffee truck to the set of her upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon” (literal translation).

Posting photos of herself happily posing in front of the truck and grabbing a cup of coffee, Kim Sejeong expressed her surprise and gratitude by tagging Seol In Ah and writing, “Darling, what is this? Thanks to you, I’m gaining strength, strength, strength! I love you.” Referring to her pet dog Doenjang, she jokingly added, “My face in that picture looks almost like Doenjang, haha.”

Shortly afterwards, Seol In Ah playfully replied in the comments, “I really wanted to send a funny [message and/or photo], but I held myself back over and over as I sent [the truck]. Oh, that’s right! The most important thing is, I love you.”

The banner on the truck sent by Seol In Ah adorably reads, “Wrap up safely, and then let’s go camping. Find strength!! From your friend Seol In Ah.”

Meanwhile, the banner next to the truck reads, “In Ah, who can’t live without Sejeong, is treating everyone today! Everyone, gain energy from Sejeong and find strength!!”

A Korean remake of the popular 2016 Japanese series “Sleepeeer Hit!”, “Today’s Webtoon” will star Kim Sejeong as a former judo athlete who joins a webtoon editorial department as a new employee and struggles to find her footing in South Korea’s competitive webtoon industry. In addition to Kim Sejeong, the drama’s star-studded cast includes Nam Yoon Su, Choi Daniel, Highlight’s Son Dongwoon, Nam Bora, and more.

“Today’s Webtoon” will premiere on July 29.

In the meantime, watch Kim Sejeong in “I Wanna Hear Your Song” with subtitles here…

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…and Seol In Ah in “Mr. Queen” below!

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