Steps to Identifying the Right Marketing and Advertising Trends for Your Specific Product or Service

Once the Department of Education in the United States tweeted a post about the sociologist W.E.B Du Bois. Instead of ‘Du Bois’, the name was misspelt ‘De Bois’.

Steps to Identifying the Right Marketing and Advertising Trends for Your Specific Product or Service

When pointed to the mistake, another tweet was made, and like the first one, it contained another typo. The word ‘apologies’ was typed and tweeted as ‘apologizes’. While mistakes are forgivable, they, however, take a new function coming from the Department of Education in one of the leading countries in the world.

No doubt, the series of tweets did not sell well the appointment of the new Secretary of the State. It only further exacerbated the questions people raised about her competence. This is one of the many ways a marketing trend can go wrong if certain steps are not identified beforehand.

Like the US Department of Education, major companies have likewise fallen into the waiting void of marketing campaigns. Opinions of business owners on show that companies such as Pepsi, American Airlines, and so on, have stories to tell about their failed marketing trends. Although most companies quickly learn from the failed trends, they lose a fortune in the process. It does not matter which company you are — goods companies or service companies — the following steps will help you identify the right marketing and advertising trends for your product or service.

·         Make a statement

What are you looking to solve with the marketing ideas? Your marketing goal could be selling existing products to existing clients, selling existing products to new clients, selling new products to existing clients, or selling new products to new clients. Whatever the goal is, it must be stated and well defined.

·         Conduct a research

After your goal is identified, the next step would be to research your market. Gather the essential pieces of information you need before you apply a marketing campaign to your product. Ensure your research includes trends that inform the demand and supply of your market and also the profiles of your competitors.

·         Check your audience

The ultimate purpose of identifying the right steps for marketing is your audience. Your customers are the only reason you want to market and advertise goods. Therefore, you should consider their metrics. You should look out for factors that inform their buying decisions and platforms most of them can be found.

·         Know the form/platform

Since you’ve carried out enough research about your target audience, the next step would be what platform to use. Marketing can be both online and offline, depending on your business and the metrics of your target audience. If your business operates offline, your strategy would be offline. If online, then you would be thinking towards digital marketing.


Advertising products or services require time and research. You need to make certain findings about your business, then your marketing plan. After that, you might start thinking about your audience and the form of advertising you intend to use.