Young Biz Kid Day offers local mini moguls chance to pitch,

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The next Bill Gates or Oprah could be right here in Jacksonville, and Young Biz Kid Day might be their launching pad. Jacksonville is one of several cities across the US that participate in the event that showcases local child entrepreneurs and their businesses.

“C.J. The Awesome” sold News4JAX his pitch for his popcorn business,

“Hi! I’m Christopher Alexander Jr., better known as ‘C.J. The Awesome,’ and today I’m selling popcorn,” the 6-year-old said. “Would you like to buy some today?”

Young Biz Kid Day consists of 17 different businesses, and 22 child entrepreneurs ages 5-16.

Sisters Bella and Vicky Spence are encouraging children about STEM careers with their book, “Bella The Scientist Goes to Outer Space.”

“It’s about me and my sister Vicky,” Bella said. “We go on outer space adventures.”

Sisters Bella and Vicky Spence are encouraging kids about STEM careers with their book, “Bella The Scientist Goes to Outer Space.” (WJXT)

“We really liked doing science experiments during the summer. We ended up making a list so we can go through each kind of scientist and do the experiments based on them,” Vicky said.


Autumn Taylor is inspiring kids about healthy choices.

“My brand is ASE Natural where I am currently selling garden bundles and flower bundles to help kids learn how to make healthy living fun,” Taylor said.

Christianna Alexander has already made it big with her bath and body product business, Sweet Christi’s, that’s been featured on HSN and QVC.

“I wanted to incorporate something that has something to do with baking, arts and crafts, and so I decided to make soaps like treats,” said Alexander.

She also has a nonprofit called the Sweet Squad. Its goal is to encourage other girls to start a business.

“I have five tips for sweet success, and they are ‘S’ to Stay positive, ‘W’ to Walk with purpose, ‘E’ to Elevate others, the other ‘E’ is Enjoy the journey and ‘T’ to Take action now,” Alexander said.

The mini business moguls prove you’re never too young to follow your dreams.

Local kid entrepreneurs showcased their businesses at Young Biz Kid Day in Springfield. (WJXT)

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